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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This Week [In Pictures]

Kevin Goes Country

So on Saturday night, I decided to try something new for a change. Dildo, you ask? No. Gay country western bar. Location: Capital Hill. Let's take a moment to take that all in [Gay country western bar on Capital Hill]

Loved the bathroom signage!

Kevin Spies Communist Metro Propoganda!

Well, I'm glad WMATA [link] finds it necessary to advertise the TERRORIST ALERT levels on the Metro platforms. If they didn't, I probably would forget. Not that we don't see them on the news on daily basis. Doesn't Fox News permanently display it on their sidebar? [Hmmm]

Kevin Finds Cure for Homosexuality!

Conservative Southern college not solving your homosexuality issues? Reading Santorum's book not helping either?? Well, do I have the solution for you! [THAT'S RIGHT, THE RUG DOCTOR!] Rent him for 1 hour and your rug techniques are guaranteed to improve five fold!


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Oh my- you are RIDONKULOUS!!!

Love, your mom

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