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Monday, August 28, 2006

Changing of the Guard.

[Everyone always talks about how this city is so transient]

Well, it's now late August here in the District -- which means it's high time for this city to kick out the annoying summer interns of K Street [or Summer Associates as they call themselves -- and oh, they have the security badge to prove it] and welcome in the whole new slew of people who are equally as ecstatic to be living here.

The buzz of elections is in the air -- both local and Federal -- and with these changes, comes the shuffling of new people. Some of the new staffers we enjoy...while others [and ex-boyfriends for that matter], we wish would just flat-out leave this city sooner than later. No -- let's be honest, sometimes we wish they'd just leave the damn planet already!

How can you be so sure the change is in the air? Take a look around Northwest on any given weekday -- the Homos are hoppin' down the sidewalks to their iPods! I'm driving to work blasting my homo-music at ear-piercing levels -- and ohh my god -- I haven't seen that many attractive gay men on the streets of Georgetown U for the entire summer! Haha, well lucky me!

But despite how much I may despise this city's transient nature -- or the District in its entirety -- I have to admit, I do understand why they come: Washington DC is an excellent place to fast-track your career. Having gone to school here myself, interned on K Street and [vomit] worked with the Hill -- and now, moved on up in the private sector -- I know this city has presented me with loads of opportunity.

Someone close to me once said "DC is what you make of it" -- and it's something I think of on a daily basis.

I've met too many, snob-nosed Hill Rats who work like dogs for shitty pay for the sake of their precious title -- and far too many gay Republicans! [but we'll save that topic for a later date]

The point is, if you don't like certain aspects of DC (whether it be the Hill, politics, or this city's plastic people [photo documentation]) -- don't make them a part of your daily life -- or better yet, work as a consultant and clean up their silly mess ;-) God knows this city can always use more project management consultants with PMP certifications :-)

Opportunity certainly exists in this city. Thousands of Washingtonians network the SHIT out of this city on daily basis like they were banging a prostitute on their DEATH BED -- and just wanted to get some hot stripper ass before their last breath!

I.E. Have you ever gone out to Halo [photos] and not seen some pretentious homo hand out his business card to someone he's flirting with? [vomit again] Yea, I knew you felt a little vomit in your mouth last time you were there.

The bottom line: if you use and abuse the District like the one-night stand she is, don't expect to find much. But if you romance her -- and find the bits and pieces of the city that you do love -- she'll do good by you. You just have to let her.

Your Homo In The City,


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