Homo In The City was created to share the trials and tribulations of being a young, gay professional in the city of Washington, DC. Having been a Washingtonian now for enough time to call the city my home, you can look forward to biased content slandering gay Republicans, the Hill, DC Interns, those twinks who throw up after almost every meal, and those annoying 40-year-old men who insist on buying you a drink. Welcome to Homo In The City.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Homo In The City Launched.

In response to much peer pressure, I've finally caved and started a blog dedicated to the trials and tribulatiions of being a gay, young professional in this city we call Washington, DC.

Wondering if your metrosexual coworker with that TUMI messenger bag is gay -- or is he just fashion-forward? Do you get eye-fucked when you walk around town, or even when you're in the car stopped at a red light -- or in the Metro on your way to work when everyone is "reading their Express" -- but in reality, they're SECRETLY checking out everyone else's ass / ta-ta's / hoo-ha / ding-dong?? Do straight men confuse the hell outta you when they seem overly nice for no apparent reason?

Do you have a passion for Xavier Onasis Bloomingdale and the drag shows at Chaos -- or all that Madonna they play at 80's Night? How about those frozen pitchers of strawberry margaritas at Lauriol Plaza, tasty right? And isn't it funny when you leave Cobalt on a Saturday, hit up the McDonald's on 17th -- ya know, the GAY McDonald's -- and the music they're playing there is actually BETTER than what they were playing at the club? Do gay men who refuse to eat carbs but drink their weight in beer drive you just a LITTLE insane?

Well, you get the point.

You can look forward to plenty of those stories -- and ones lambasting, yes I actually USED that word, DC and all of the people in this city who, well frankly, just frost my ass.

This is what all the fuss is about.

Your Homo In The City,


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