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Friday, September 15, 2006

Metrosexuals, Interns, Slutty EX-BFs to be Condemned to Hell

Any gay male [or straight woman for that matter] understands just how confusing Metrosexuals are. As if seeing them on the streets isn't confusing enough [nevermind being forced to work in the same office with one] Having said that, I'd like to share today's [typical] convo between me and our Metrosexual Intern.

9 AM
(Having just battled DC traffic, Kevin enters office victorious)

(MetroIntern observes Kevin's fabulous outfit, tie [and 95% probability] his butt too)

MetroIntern: Tie today huh? Off-site meeting, off-site client meeting? (Refrains from commenting on butt as that just might push TOO many boundaries)

[Kevin] Nah, more like 2nd to last day here..
(Immune to the comments at this point)

MetroIntern: You know, you should give me your contact info, I may want to hire you some day..
MetroIntern: Or you may want to hire me..

(Kevin gossips to Coworker)

[Kevin's Coworker later] Hire the MetroIntern? You know, that'd really depend on the amount of manual labor involved for the job..
[Kevin] Yeah, I think it really would depend on the hand job at hand.

12 PM
(Kevin schvitzing his balls off)

[Kevin] It's a little hot up here don't you think?
MetroIntern: Yea, it is.
[Kevin] I'm gonna open a window..

(Kevin opens window)

MetroIntern: (Referring to his hotness [and 95% probability] wanting to flat out jump Kevin's bones at this point) Would you like me to leave?

Umm [what] who actually says this shit out loud??

In other BREAKING news, I recently learned my exBF is now dating some random guy -- not too long after the divorce [call me just a LITTLE suspicious] The kicker, he's not very good-looking and is going bald [LOL] Somehow, I think I made out better in the break-up/alimony/spoils department.

Don't you find it funny who people date post-yourself? Feels kinda good when you know they've down-graded though right? Or is that better put [makes you care less about the entire relationship in general]

Tempting to post their new online couple picture [All reasonable bribes will be considered]

Your Homo In The City,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the best blog I have EVER read!!!! "Kevin" I'm sure you make both your real mother and any sort of psuedo-adopted mother you may have VERY proud!!!

10:02 AM


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