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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New posts soon I promise.

I'm in the midst of moving hell right now - hence the lack of witty posts as of late [but] I promise there will be some good ones coming soon.

Here's some fodder I've been tossing around in the meantime:

  • Hook-ups who just say the most random things ever - my favorite mid-hook-up phrase so far Fuck me on the weekends Kevin, just fuck me on the weekends I mean [what do you say to that]

  • The latest Nightlife CoverBoy who is now tacked onto my fridge. My roommate says he has a case of the Gay Face - thoughts? [Photo Documentation] Definitely a cutie though!

  • The tranny fishies that were found swimming in the Potomac River - thus once again proving that bottled water is a worthwhile investment for all DC Metro Area residents [Photo Documentation]

  • And for all you college boys, this week's Facebook drama which is making national headlines [TIME article]

    More blogging to come when I actually get MY Internet set up and don't have to bum it off my neighbors.

    Your Homo In The City,


    Anonymous Peter said...

    I love our fridge gallery. I'm gonna try to pick up the new Metro Weekly today, hopefully there will be someone equally delicious/tacky as the Nightlife coverboy.



    11:47 AM

    Blogger avocadoinparadise said...

    I'd be interested in a link to a newspaper article about the fish & drinking water problems!

    8:06 PM

    Blogger Homo In The City said...


    Something in the water does not compute. Right now, a freakish find is raising a vexing question: why in the world are fish that are half male, half female swimming in a major body of water around Washington, DC? And might the discovery of these dual-sex fish indicate some sort of health threat to the millions of people who drink the tap water? The answers are unclear but experts say what is certain is that more “intersex” fish are swimming in the Potomac River. Their abnormality may be due to pollution. So experts are wondering if that same pollution might be harmful to humans. Although that question is still being studied, some experts say the water is safe for people who drink tap water – especially since humans don’t spend as much time in the water as fish do.

    -CNN's [Situation Room]

    Study Reveals High Numbers Of Egg-Producing Male Bass In Potomac [NBC 4 Coverage]

    -Kevin [In The City]

    10:56 AM


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