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Friday, September 08, 2006

DC Fashion Week To Make District Actual Fun City to Live In

For all you Project Runway [see Tasty Treats] fans out there, I hope you're excited for the upcoming DC Fashion Week [web site] which runs from Sept. 24 - Oct. 1. I checked out their web site today -- and I must admit, it actually looks like a lot of fun!

I figure I can dress up like Miranda Priestly [Devil Wears Prada] and swish my way around the fashion show -- maybe score some free clothing here and there [no wait, I don't have a 25" waist] -- ok, so maybe score some hot model hook-up action. Perhaps I'll entice them with pizza-- oh come on, you know they're on the cube of cheese diet...you know, [don't eat a thing -- and then when you feel like you're going to pass out, then just eat a cube of cheese] yay! \o/

Kevin: Excitement for haute couture!
Long-time roommate Peter: [what. DC fashion week? since when is DC fashionable?] This city's dull as rocks.
Kevin: Since when is DC NOT fashionable?! Ever hear of [Annie Creamcheese] or Up Against the Wall? They're jeans only cost $800.

And for those of who are fashion-inept [the tragically straight, Gay-publicans, anyone from the Commonwealth of Virginia, etc.], take it from Alex of MTV's [My Super Sweet 16] and I quote in her Michigan accent "Pehris is the fehshion capitol of the world." Yes, head there and fix your problems [and on behalf of the rest of us who have to see you when you walk downtown everyday...THANKS!] Ooo, FIESTY this morning!

Speaking of Fashionistas, let's talk Paris Hilton's latest my "Stars Eyes are Blind" drama [video documentation]

Favorite real news blurb about the brouhaha:

For a high-profile heiress -- it’s “soooo not hot.” Paris Hilton may be reciting her favorite phrase today after facing the “Oh my gosh” reality that there’s no red carpet on the perp walk. -CNN's [Situation Room]

"That's all" [Miranda Priestly] for now.

Your Homo In The City,


Anonymous Peter said...

You've outgayed yourself with this post. Love you anyway!

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