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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Project Runwaygate: Part Deux!

"Runway" Sews Up Another Scandal

It's all right there in the tagline: Heidi Klum cuts, the designers sew.

Except, of course, when it seems the designers don't actually sew and instead [outsource the production of their garments to hired hands] as is the allegation among contestants heading into Project Runway's third season finale.

The accusations of cheating mark the second demi-scandal to hit the catwalk this season and were leveled at final four contestant Jeffrey Sebelia by fellow designer Laura Bennett.

Tim Gunn [hot on the happy trail] is investigating...

[E! Online]

On NPR today...

"Coming out of the closet and telling the truth is a matter of personal responsibility. Last time I checked, that's the cornerstone of being a Republican."

-National Public Radio

Monday, October 02, 2006


-Steven Crowley, The New York Times

Anyone who lives inside the Beltway and has any connection to the Hill is aware of Mark Foley's latent homosexual closet-case of a reputation. [Google] "Mark Foley and gay" to see for yourself if you don't believe me -- over 929,000 hits.

Or better yet, you can watch his lawyer's admission today [CNN documentation] that Foley is:

  • An alcoholic
  • "Not a pedophile" [defintion]
  • Is in an un-named location for alcohol treatment
  • Was sexually abused by an un-named clergyman from ages 13-15

    I'm not sure if you believe all this B.S. that Foley is all of sudden the [victim] in this situation. Once Chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children, Foley may very well be prosecuted by his very own sex offender legislation.

    So what the fuck? Well, this gossip is getting better EVERY day -- and I am certainly excited to see where this story will go. [I mean, everyone loves A GAY REPUBLICAN CLOSET-CASE UNDER-AGE SEX SCANDAL]

    It's interesting because initially when these "purely innocent" emails began to surface last Thursday, Foley's staff "angrily denounced the accusations" noting it was a "smear campaign" and "character assassination at its worst." [TC Palm Article - Free Registration Required]

    Character assassination [OR NOT], last time I checked, it's hardly appropriate for a 52-year-old Congressman to send creepy "sick sick sick" emails to a 16 year-old boy from his personal AOL account.

    [WELL IT GOT EVEN BETTER] The sexually explicit IMs WERE made public thanks to stellar reporting by ABC NEW's [BRIAN ROSS]

    And CNN is reporting that Foley's Office, when confronted by ABC's Brian Ross with the sexually explicit IMs, [ASKED ROSS TO WITHOLD THE SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MESSGES ON CONDITION OF AN EXCLUSIVE ON FOLEY'S RESIGNATION] Questionable ethics much??

    Ross said "No Deal." 2 hours later, Foley resigned.

    So who's to blame? Well, the House Ethics Committee is set to have a closed door session and the FBI has already begun a preliminary investigation into the entire matter. Not to mention the RUMORS swirling around GOP Leadership in the House right now.

    In the end, everyone involved will certainly get what's coming to them, people who knew of the initial emails and didn't take sufficient action, perhaps those who have been rumored to have known for 5 YEARS now. I can't wait to see what the FBI discovers in Foley's office, on his staffers' computers, and on the House's servers. In the broader political landscape, this certainly don't paint a pretty picture for a Republican Party who already has low ratings.

    Now, to the ethical questions. [WHAT DOES IT SAY TO OUR COUNTRY'S GAY YOUTH WHEN THEY HEAR ABOUT A CLOSET-CASE POLITICIAN WHO DENOUNCES RUMORS THAT HE'S GAY IN 2003, REFUSES TO ANSWER THE QUESTION, AND THEN THIS DRAMA EXPLODES THREE YEARS LATER] It certainly doesn't promote a landscape of acceptance among our nation's GLBT-questioning youth. [More like, stay in the closet until you're caught in a scandal, and then, throw out every excuse in the book for your behavior]

    What does it say about the people on the Hill who supported him throughout his career. What does it say about those that covered it up.

    Stories like these are EXACTLY why I trust liberal media ANY DAY over Fox News. Kudos to ABC News for exposing this story. I guess Foley's "$2.4 billion in the bank" isn't going to do him much good anytime soon.

    For a good laugh, check out [Foley's sexually explicit IMs] he had with a high school student during a HOUSE VOTE in 2003.

    Your Homo In The City,

  • Rep. Mark Foley Commentary to come...

    In the meantime, GoogleNews him!

    I've never enjoyed GoogleNews this much in my entire life!

    Your Homo In The City,

    Sunday, October 01, 2006

    Kevin [In The City] Makes Washington Blade Bitch Session

    In a freak twist of recent ex-BF events [plural], Kevin [In The City] was quoted in the Sept 22nd edition of the Washington Blade [See Tasty Treats]

    That's right, BITCH SESSION. [Good things DO come to those who wait] Enjoy!

    Following an emergency Ex-BF Advisory Board Meeting, a consensus was reached as to the next course of action:

    [Mail the clip to that special someone via USPS!]
    Details to come as story unfolds...

    Your Homo In The City,